Hi! I'm Marcy.
It happened when I was five.
I remember going to pick strawberries at a local farm and coming home with a fuzzy brown pony named Chocolate. This pony became my world for all of my childhood. She was my confidant and friend.
My parents loved telling the Chocolate story. My favorite part of the story was when I told them I wanted a white pony but after I rode Chocolate I was happy to have a brown one instead. Even better was how the farmer added the saddle and bridle to sweeten the deal.
Who can pass up a Shetland pony with a saddle and bridle for $50?
That was the beginning of my lifelong journey with horses.
Every person I talk to about horses has a story about them. Some people did trail rides at youth camps. Some loved watching horses in parades. Others took it up a notch and had (or have) their own horse or horses.
I always find a magical intimacy when horse lovers tell me their horse stories.
An instant unspoken understanding appears.
I'm a certified horse lover extraordinaire. From horse pot holders to horse print pajamas, all things ponies, horses, and the like are my groove. Not only do horses inspire me but they lead me to discover co-creative experiences.
I've spent full moon nights with a herd in an Arizona desert, where I discovered that large snakes do exist. I've witnessed the birth of a foal, galloped through streams pretending to be a wild Mustang, and observed the healing power of horses with wounded souls. Horsepower lies within us all. I invite you to enjoy my art and share this project. 
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